Erection Fitness Review – Get The Best Bulky Manhood

Erection Fitness Review – Get The Best Bulky Manhood

If you’re doubtful about pills, ointments, and treatments but secretly have always wanted a larger penis which brings you more pleasure, then Erection Fitness is a thing that justifies a little interest. This is why you can easily improve the height and width of your male organ and get terrific pleasure without the danger and cost of relying on surgical solutions of augmentation.

Erection Fitness is known as an unparalleled indisputable fact that helps you grow the tissues in your male organ beyond the regular size. It truly does work according to “progressive overload” which is an approach used by muscle builders to trigger their muscle tissues to grow better and greater than ever before. It essentially is extending the muscle tissues, tendons and ligaments until you are pleased with the final result.

Owning a big manhood is a thing, however, knowing how to handle it, and the way to use it is a different topic entirely. Figure out how to work out your hard-on to give you the best in sexual joy and endurance- the only method possible- by means of Erection Fitness.

What is Erection Fitness?

Erection Fitness is a total male enhancement workout program. It gives you a highly effective option to male enhancement surgery which consists of easy to understand for Men’s 120-Day male organ workout Plan.

Erection Fitness makes use of the process known as “Progressive Overload.” This particular approach consists of the working out, stretches and toning up all your penis muscle tissues, suspensory ligaments and skin. Gradually, this will motivate penile cell area which simply implies organic penile enhancement.

How Does Erection Fitness Work?

This Erection Fitness program will work on the particular concept of using a method called ‘progressive overload’ that was initially created from work done by Thomas Delorme, M.D.

Thomas Delormes’ work engaged the treatment of The Second World War vets where he used his formulation to improve muscle tissues, suspensory ligaments and connective cells in a natural technique as opposed to just muscle building alone.

You will notice that the Erection Fitness program is predicated highly on and around this formulation as the outcomes have been discovered to be considerably better than just making use of the ‘build muscle’ strategy which most enhancement applications seem to provide.

Dealing with the problem of growing the length of the penis has much better outcomes when getting close to it from a few pronged framework as the intensifying overload method promotes and encourages the body’s own self-development capabilities normally and permanently.

Who’s Behind This Erection Fitness Program?

One of the elements I check out while I start to evaluate the product is definitely the organization behind it. In case the organization is not trustworthy then it makes sense that this product is unlikely to be either.

This Erection Fitness program is created and possessed by Leading Edge Health LLC that has a panel of experts composed of primarily work with Health professionals.

There’s a solid history of scientific and research powering all of the products and solutions developed by Leading Edge Health. For that reason, they’ve been industry frontrunners in reproductive health products since the late 90s — so they aren’t the fly-by-night organization!

All of their products have already been developed by medical experts and produced in a cGMP licensed center together with a few of the top producers of life-saving medications.

So be assured they aren’t running a few bogus stockrooms anywhere in the absolute depths of the wasteland.

The Key of Erection Fitness

Up to now, I’ve discussed Erection Fitness being in relation to the particular ‘progressive overload’ idea, therefore let’s drill down a bit more intense so that you can have an understanding of clearly exactly what this consists of before I go deeper.

Realistically, you wouldn’t visit the fitness center and only perform an exercise routine for the triceps — you’d perform a range of exercises to help the bicep muscle tissues so you get a sound condition and your muscle tissues will be more reinforced. Therefore, why would likely performing male organ workouts be different?

Erection Fitness Focuses On 3 Main Spots:

The Bulbo Cavernous (BC) and also the Ischio Cavernous (IC)

These are muscle tissues wrapped around the bottom of your penis and are a major contributor to how firm and solid your male organ gets when erect.

Numerous studies have discovered that conditioning these muscle tissues can make extra size and improve the power of your sexual climaxes. When these muscle tissues are increased, they may also support you to have a much better charge of when your climaxes happen — fairly like tantric sexual intercourse — and can easily help you decrease early ejaculation.

The Suspensory Ligament

This tendon is mainly responsible for keeping the manhood mounted on the body, and it is the soft tissue which is generally cut in case you head on down the surgical treatment way. The study, however, has revealed that by conditioning this ligament you can easily add an extra ¼ inch to the size of the penis over the stretching workouts.

The Corpora Cavernosa

They are the solid, vein-like side rails which fill up with bloodstream when the penile is erect. Revitalizing the flow of blood with these pipes can lead to more robust and tougher hardons alongside a substantial boost in the penis width.

Will Erection Fitness Meet Your Needs?

Certainly! There may be a great deal of male enhancement products on the market at this time, but penis workouts are the best way to getting fast and long term gains. Penis supplements will only give you short-term penis enlargement techniques, while surgical treatment is too dangerous and costly.

Anyone who has used the Erection Fitness vowed that this plan would work. Its several happy clients simply show that this system works on a massive amount of men.

Therefore, if you usually have wished to get a larger manhood girth and length, you will probably experience long term results with this Erection Fitness program. And since the program continues to be made to be strong but risk-free, you get great outcomes with virtually no negative effects.

Benefits of Using Erection Fitness?

  • Increase 5 to 3 inches to male organ size
  • Improve penis width
  • Improve sexual drive
  • Improve performance
  • Heighten the enjoyment of climaxes
  • Organic male organ enlargement
  • Absolutely no negative effects
  • Certainly, no pills/gadgets required
  • Simple and uncomplicated to follow workouts
  • Manufactured by authorized and trustworthy company
  • Worked by J. Alfaro
  • Refund policy
  • Collaborated through J. Alfaro

Leading Edge Health — the producer of Erection Fitness worked with A.J. Alfaro to generate this a hundred Day Program for Remarkable Penis Expansion. Mr. A.J. “Big Al” Alfaro is recognized as a specialist in male enhancement workouts, and he has given his own effective approaches to Erection Fitness.

You will get video tutorials of each workout that you can easily follow. Considering that the program promotes organic penis enhancement, you don’t have to bother with any harm to the shape and performance of your male organ. And if you keep to the plan, you’ll soon be encountering some quick and extremely advantageous results.

4 Stage Enlargement Exercise Series

This Erection Fitness Program is split into four stages. Each and every stage provides a various array of physical exercise that focuses on key male enhancement results.

You’ll be carefully guided with simple to follow training video workouts in each series. You’re also advised what advantages to anticipate and the way before long you could expect them. Stage 1&2 is designed to improve male organ girth and length, although stage three enhances your penile erection quality, last but not least stage four will make sure you keep the scale you acquired.

Protected and Hassle-free Program

By using Erection Fitness, you don’t have to keep in mind to consider supplements daily or make use of a gadget for many hours on a daily basis. You just need to stick to the indicated workouts that do not even get a lot of your time. In contrast to health supplements, products or surgical treatment, you don’t need to be worried about negative effects since there are probably none with Erection Fitness.

Your Penis Isn’t Small – Why Should you use Erection Fitness?

Even though your target isn’t to improve the penis size, there are lots of positive aspects you can savor through a regular membership to Erection Fitness. Sexual endurance is one thing that many men don’t have, particularly when they’re attempting to please the woman in their lives. Getting lovemaking endurance will make sure you give your companion sexual joy, and it’ll make sure you get a much better possibility of experience several climaxes yourself.

This Erection Fitness 120-day program focuses on all muscle tissues, ligament and suspensory ligaments increasing the make-up of your penis and making certain it truly does work at optimum levels.

What Does a Regular Membership Entitle Me?

For the regular membership with Erection Fitness you will get:

  • A daily exercise program
  • The related size increases you may expect from the training
  • Tasteful video tutorials that guide you through every little thing step-by-step
  • 25-30 minutes associated with penile erection control to boost and enhance the quality of the love life and fix any problems you could have with early ejaculation

What’s The Framework of This Workout Program?

This Erection Fitness program is split into various parts; each and every section has unique effects and estimated results to guarantee all-around boosts and dimensions gains.

Stage 1: The Beginner’s Bootcamp

With the early stages of the program, you will see ten important cornerstone workouts that may help you to perform the whole exercise to your best edge and produce the greatest results for your male organ size and reproductive health.

Stage 2: Intense Workout Routines

Carry on the improvement of the very first stage but discover ways to improve the fundamentals of what you learned. Discover ways to halt yourself for three weeks, just like any fitness program and pay attention to the very best methods to keep yourself speculating and adjusting to this brand new type of fitness.

Stage 3: Higher Bloodstream Volume

Discover ways to attain and preserve larger, more powerful hardons which are heavier and keep going longer. Learn how to have an overabundance of sexual intercourse and the way to make sexual intercourse as durable while you do. Take the sexual activities to the utmost and get the hard-on to set the speed for mind-blowing sexual intercourse.

Stage 4: Size Gains

Thus many penile enhancement items claim that they can boost the male organ size, but not many of them really tell you how you can hold onto this unprecedented size. Build your gains long term and pay attention to what the weekly upkeep programs recommend for you, and the way you sustain the activity stages moving forward.

Added bonus 1: Package of VigRX Plus

You receive a free of charge month’s supply of VigRX Plus once you become a member of Erection Fitness. This particular supplement is the number one male organ supplement available in the market since it supercharges your sex drive by using natural and organic substances. Which means you could possibly get thick hard-ons when needed without any unpleasant negative effects.

Added bonus 2: VigRX Oil

There is also a months’ supply of oil once you seek to join Erection Fitness. VigRX Oil is actually a performance improving essential oil. It is different from common drugstore lubes since it seeps deeply into your body, so you acquire and sustain tough and heavy erection strength. Additionally, it makes use of 100% organic ingredients to provide you with excellent and risk-free results.

Refund Policy

You’re provided two months to test this Erection Fitness program out. If you’re not happy, its producer contends that you will get a refund.


Its public website just offers this Erection Fitness program. Be sure to sign up for the Erection Fitness program simply at its site so you in no way get into phony or fake courses that provide workouts that don’t do the job.

This Erection Fitness program can also be marked down at the moment which means you should register immediately for the greatest worth for your money.


Great Results in Just Two Weeks!

” I would like to thank you for your excellent advice. I was hesitant to join, but now after two weeks, I have increased the length of my penis from 6″ to 6.75″.

My wife has noticed the difference. I haven’t told her what I am doing, but she told me that she thinks my penis is getting bigger. I will continue my routine and I will let you know my progress.”

– Giorgio*


This is the real deal!

Just so everybody knows, this is the real deal. No, I would never ask for a refund for the money I spent joining this site, but there was an accident billing my phone when I signed up for the site but they got it fixed pronto!!

– Hugeness*


Loving it so far…

“It’s been feeling great! Definite enlargement in flaccid size, and a heavier, veinier appearance overall. Just a small gain in erect size so far, but I can feel it’s working the right areas, so no hurry. I should also mention that I’ve had no injuries or indications that I’m overdoing it so far.

At the risk of sounding like an internet liar, I submit the following information: before beginning your program, I was a little over eight inches erect. My goal, honestly, is to become ridiculously large… no upper limit (and no hurry). I’ll be happy, though, when I can say I’m a solid 10 or 11 inches. :-) Thanks very much!”

– N. Atri (satisfied customer!)*


All I can say is that it works!

“All I can say is that it works. My penis went from 5 1/2 inches (Length) X 5 inches (girth) to 7+ (Length) to 6 (girth) over approximately 1 year.

My wife loves the changes but doesn’t want me to get much larger so I’m maintaining here. Not even sure if I could get much larger.

Early on, to get my initial growth in length I did the exercises exactly how you described them. I got to 7 inches very rapidly this way and have been maintaining since around June. I do keep working on girth to maintain thickness and do my exercises on a semi-regular basis.”

– DEH*


Advance length routine…

“I have been doing “PE” exercises for a long time so I was able to jump right into the program suggested.

WOW, I have seeing some awesome feelings and will be anxious to report when I get some gains. The first thing I want to say is that the video’s were a great help. I watched all of them and some over and over. It helped me perfect the exercise that I was doing. I went back and watched them to make sure I was doing them right. On a couple of them, I was not doing it right, but when I did, I certainly saw/felt the difference.

Then there was a difference in my girth and stretching and after about three days, I was really packin’. Sex last night was the best I had ever had. I completely filled my wife’s vagina more than I have ever in the past.

So, Kudo’s! I am really excited.”

– Ralph*


My wife can’t believe it!

“Hi, just started my PE recently. I was a little above avg. to begin with, but nothing to brag about (6 1/2 inches Length by 5 inches Width).

Like prolly everyone else, the wife said “you don’t need to do that. I like it just the way it is.” Lies all lies I tell ya.

Well, after only 2 weeks my cock is already getting fatter and I have rock hard erections. Needless to the say the wife can’t believe it either.

Now she is cheering me along and making sure I have time to get my routine done, lol. Wish I would have known about this years ago. Thanks!”

– Snosbig72*


It’s Happening!

“Ahh! One of the first “promises” of the male enhancement program has occurred. The other day as I was parading my 100% erection in front of my wife to inspire fore-play. She stated in amazed observational tone, ‘Is your penis getting bigger?, It looks bigger. Yes, your penis is getting bigger! What is going on?’

This is great, she notices this and other things are happening too. More on them later. Basically I am feeling good about all of this.”

– Dennis*


Thank you…My lack of confidence is diminished!

“I would just like to report that in just over a month I have gained 1.25″ in length using this program. This puts me past the half way point to my goal of 9″. I was average before, and now I am sitting at 8″. I hadn’t measured in a few weeks, and I took a week off last week. Then I was with my new girl friend for the first time this weekend.

It was the greatest feeling when she buried her head in the pillow and screamed :) I couldn’t believe the results when I read the tape. My lack of confidence in bed has been completely deminished.

I just want to say thanks to you for giving such good advice. I have been able to use the techniques properly thanks to you. And a little word to all you new folks out there, just follow every single word on the site and you will grow. Since the gains are permanent, I am soooo glad I took before pictures. Besides, the before pictures have allowed me to see just how much I have really gained.”

– Thanks again :)


Simply amazing!

“I didn’t know if it would work, but it REALLY DOES! All’s I have to say is that I added one inch in less than three weeks! This program is a total God-send! Finally! Keep up the good work!”

– Charles D.*


My wife: “Did you get surgery?”

“My wife’s job requires her to go away for weeks at a time. She went on a two month business trip; and while she was away, I used this system. She thought that I had surgery!”

– S.T., Calgary, Alberta, Canada*


I blew her mind…

“Hey, I have tried this technique and it is working. I have noticed tremendous difference in size, about 1/2” in 1 week during erection; sometimes 1/2-3/4 inch flaccid. Sex with my wife is so much better. Usually reaching orgasm in 5-7 minutes; blew her mind the other night with a 20 minute episode.”

– Joe*


This has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams!

“I’m 58 years old and in 18 months I’ve increased my length from 5 7/8″ to just over 7 1/2″. In circumfrence I’ve increased from 5 1/2″ to 6″. Plus, your exercises have given me a rock-hard erection (which my wife has appreciated) and total control of ejaculation timing.

Now I can easily have ‘marathon” intercourse sessions in which I can bring my partner to climax 2 to 3 times and then climax with her during her last climax. Needless to say, this has transformed my sex life beyond my dreams.

My goal is to be “8 X 6 1/2”. That is my silent mantra as I begin each session. I’m sure I’ll get there, probably by this time next year. PATIENCE is the key. You have a VERY satisfied customer here and one that is still astounded at his gains.

I can’t thank you enough. I do think several of your techniques have the basis of my gains. Good health and circulation is necessary as well. I look like a fit 40 and feel like 30. Can’t ask for more than that. Thank you for the e-mail info. It’s very helpful.”

– John B.*


I have built the cock of my dreams!

“I wanted to drop you a note to say that I have attained a MAJOR length target after 20 months of work.

I began with an erect length of 7.25 inches. Today, my cock maxes out over 9.75″, and that is a conservative figure. NO BULLSHIT. What has been pleasing (and somewhat surprising) is the consistency with which growth has occurred, and that gains continue to be made without resorting to more intense or advanced routines.

The response from the new woman in my life has been favorable, to say the least. It’s an amazing feeling of confidence to KNOW you are well-hung, and she can sense this.

Thanks for making the information available. I am a VERY satisfied client.”

– Rob*



“I’m 19 and just started college. I was scared as a rat of being caught by some hot chick with only four and 1/2 inches of penis! I know they’d laugh their asses off like the chicks in a threesome video I saw.

Man, I was thinking of hurting myself because I got so depressed seeing all these available chicks and not having the nuts to do something!! 4 months after joining your program, I’m at 6 1/2 inches and fat as a coke can!

Chicks I don’t know are jockin me because of my coke can dick!!! Man, sorry about the excitement but you made my dreams cum true!”

– CC.*


Value of Content

“I just wanted to take a minute to make a statement. When I first checked into the PE sites I was very skeptical. I didnt want to pay for a site that showed nothing. I am so glad to see all of the correspondence that occurs between all the members.

Thank you, for running a true and true club. Good luck to you all, I hope you all achieve your desired results. We are just beginning this, so please wish us luck!'”

– Dan and Angie*

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