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Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is the basic male or sex hormone in men produced by the testes that performs and maintains various body functions e.g. muscle mass and strength. It encourages the development of male sexual characteristics (penis growth, muscle development and Masculine features), fat distribution; bone mass, sperm production, sex drive, and potency. For these characteristic functions, testosterone is also known as “Male Hormone“.

Testosterone is also the most potent of the naturally occurring androgens. The androgens in general also cause the development of male sex characteristics, such as a deep voice and a beard; they also strengthen muscle tone and bone mass.

Naturally Increase TestosteroneTestosterone is produced by the testes from the onset of puberty throughout adulthood under the influence of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH). Sex hormones are manufactured from cholesterol which is converted to Pregnenolone by the ACTH. High levels of ACTH therefore stimulate greater manufacture of testosterone from cholesterol.

Learning how to Naturally Increase Testosterone can be a turning point in the life of any man.

Simple dietary and lifestyle changes, including a diet that is HIGHER in healthy fats, lean protein and LOWER in alcohol and bad fats, and radically reducing your carbohydrate levels, can have a dramatic effect on your “good” hormone levels, in 21-30 days.

You should be trying to find ways to Naturally enhance Testosterone in order to keep a healthy balance, and live a healthy and happy life.

The good news!

Testosterone levels can be easily increased in a totally natural way – and many of the very BEST solutions and strategies can be “stacked” for exponentially improved results.

Add in exercise and stress reduction techniques like meditation, relaxation and focused attention for lower cortisol levels, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly and markedly your REAL fitness levels will improve.

The best way to Naturally Increase Testosterone while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Testosterone is obviously a very important chemical when it comes to sexual functioning, and most men think at least at some point about how they may increase, but oftentimes do not want the headache or problems associated with going to a doctor and getting medication for the condition.

Testosterone levels can have a direct impact on your health, especially your sexual health (including that of the penis) and the quality of your life. Testosterone increases will enhance your sex life and muscle size. Here are some nutritional and dietary recommendations to raise your testosterone levels.

High levels of testosterone appear to promote good health (especially sexual health) in men. In addition, when the testosterone levels are high, a person is able to live his life to the fullest since he has a lot of energy. Men with high levels of testosterone are able to enjoy sex even more. If you are a bodybuilder with high levels of testosterone, your body will be able to achieve fast mass gain by just eating the right food and a proper training.

Going to the gym and lifting heavy weights is a great way to Naturally Increase Testosterone levels and build muscle and strength at the same time.

Testosterone is produced in both men and women however adult males produce significantly more than females. On an average, men have 10 times greater level of testosterone than women as the adult male body manufactures 2.5 – 11 mg per day while females only produce 0.25 mg through ovaries. This discrepancy causes many of the biological differences between the sexes including the penis growth and enlargement.

Naturally increase testosteroneYou may choose to take a more natural path and see what sorts of herbs and other things you may be able to do to naturally increase testosterone levels in your body without dealing with doctors and health risks and side effects and so on.

These simple tips were helpful, and that you start your journey to Naturally Increase Testosterone and living a better life today!

Another way to jack up your levels is lose a little weight! Excess body fat and that beer belly will cause an increase of estrogen in your body, and this is why some men develop what resembles breasts. Instead of dealing with this, lose that extra belly fat and get more testosterone!

It is VERY important that you continue eating though, because if you diet too harshly your body will think you are starving, and shut down testosterone production completely, making your efforts entirely in vain. It is an ironic trick of your body, but you must pay attention to see a positive result.

Testosterone is so important because it plays many crucial roles in our bodies throughout our lives and even before we’re born. For example, testosterone helps to determine the gender of the fetus in the womb. Testosterone leads to the development of the male genitals (the penis and testicles) in the womb and at puberty helps all of the male characteristics to develop – like deeper voice, increased muscle mass, body and facial hair etc.

Testosterone also continues to be important during all stages of a man’s life. In fact testosterone could be thought of as being central to a man’s mind, body and sexual function.

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