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Male Extra Review

Male Extra For Better Sexual Performance Ever!


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 Are you ashamed of yourself in bed? What’s the problem, you think you are not man enough? Everyone is insecure about themselves. Fortunately, every insecurity has a solution. Therefore, if you have some issues with your manhood, we are here to solve them for you.

male extraSpeaking of what, have you ever bothered to count how many supplements are available in the market now. Their number is infinity itself, but the sad part is, only a handful of them stand true to their words. Heck, most of them are just vitamin supplements.

Let’s not forget that there is some food as well. Yes, there are some effective products, and Male Extra is one of them.  The Male Extra is a product that people can trust with their issues.  It claims to improve your penis size while it will improve your performance in bed.  It claims to do all the magic in 6 months. Well, here is a big difference between making claims and staying true to what you say.  But the main question remains unchanged, such as does it work or is it powerful enough to deliver the results.

Well, we are going to get some answers in the following review. Yes, you heard it right, we are giving you an unbiased review. This review will cover all major aspects of the product and how it helps you to improve yourself. If you fare to search for it, you will get to the bottom line of whether you should trust it or not.

Will you be satisfied with the results this product gives you or not? Will you be able to keep up with its instructions or not. That was pretty mouthful here, so without any further delay, we will leave you right with the review and it you decide it.


What Does it?

As the promotional campaign and name suggest, it increases the size of your penis while improving your performance in bed. Male Extra improves blood flow in the penis for hard and long erections. As the product is made with Pomegranate Extract, it also increases the blood flow in other body parts. This not only improves your sexual performance, but it helps you to improve your active life in all aspects.

How Does it Work?

MaleExtraA hard and long lasting erection is the basic element for satisfying sex for both parties. Speaking of which, hard and long erections need consistent blood flow. Keeping up with this, the Male Extra uses a combination of natural but powerful ingredients which increases the time and hardness of your erection. It achieves that by improving the blood flow in your genital area.

During the erection, the tissues of the penis are filled with blood. Moreover blood keep these tissues on hold, the better erection you achieve. This is where Male Extra comes in! This product is designed to expand the blood vessels in your penis, which leads directly to erection. The improvement of blood flow not only improves your erection but your relationship.

The story doesn’t end here. Improvement in blood flow means the nutrients and oxygen are delivered efficiently to your cells. This improves the stamina for sex while it fights off fatigue. If you are thinking, why should you trust this product, then let the following sink in!

Nitric Oxide and Exercise

The Male Extra is a blend of natural ingredients. These ingredients improve nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream. There are a few effects, which take place in penile blood vessels once the nitric oxide releases. It helps to improve the blood flow and oxygen.

For people who want to achieve and long and harder erection, you will be pleased with the results; it also improves your libido and sex drive. While at it, it fights of the issues, which kills your sex drive.

The story doesn’t end here; the Male Extra also increases your penis size. This is subject to controversy, but it’s true. However, the product encourages you to perform some exercises for that matter as well. It will help you to achieve the optimum results.

As it will improve your blood flow, it thus cements the profit you will achieve from your exercise. For the best results, make sure you take this product on a daily basis.


Male Extra comprises of a powerful male enhancement formula. It’s your key to rocking hard and long erections thanks to a strong dose of L-Arginine HCL and Pomegranate Ellagic Acid. All ingredients are carefully chosen for their ability to improve nitric oxide production in your body. As Nitric Oxide is the key to improving blood flow in your penis, it relaxes and widens the blood vessels to improve your performance.

As nitric oxide levels are boosted in blood, it flows to the penis and improves delivery of oxygen to organs. It helps you to maintain hard and long erections with increases stamina for dominating results.

The Male Extra remains the first product that uses Pomegranate Ellagic acid. This acid makes 40 percent of the formula. Being straightforward, this product is not a miracle. Yes, it won’t give you some super powers, but it will help you to improve your timing and performance. Besides, no other product in the market utilizes a formula which comprise of following ingredients:


The Amino Acid is changed into Nitric Oxide within the body. Countless studies have provided its effectiveness for improving performance and erection. In a few reports, it even cured Erectile Dysfunction in men. Based on the research, the Male Extra team used L-Arginine HCL as the main ingredient. With a huge serving of 600 mg of L-Arginine for daily serving, it’s not hard to say you will experience hard and long erections.

pomegranatePomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid

The Pomegranate is rich in antioxidant Ellagic Acid. It’s effective for improving blood circulation. What makes it an ideal ingredient is, Pomegranate is helping you to improve blood circulation, but it also fights off Fatigue during exercise.  These antioxidants in Pomegranate protects nitric oxide from the free radical damage, which is prolific for your blood flow.

With such evidence, there is no doubt in the fact that Male Extra is perfect for you. Yes, it’s perfect if you want to fight off with your sexual issues. The serving is 600mg with pure pomegranate 40 percent ellagic acid. It helps you to achieve long and harder reactions while giving you all the power you want.


Short for Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, this is sulphur’s organic form. It’s a mineral, which helps to improve your blood flow. It’s very important for the wellbeing of your muscles and tissues. Without this, the body cell deteriorates and the body can’t but new and stronger cells. The sulfur-rich MSM is one of core ingredients found in Male Extra. It supports your penis growth as well by stimulating the healthy new one. The flexible cells can hold more blood, which helps to improve your erections.


This is a vital amino acid, which blocks the conversion of Histidine into the hormone histamine. The histamine itself is related to premature ejaculation. If you lower the histamine levels, then this can help you to last long in bed as you are delaying the ejaculation and thus improve your performance.


This is an essential mineral, which plays an important role in producing testosterone in your body. If your body is facing low testosterone production in the body, it will be living mess. It ruins your sex drive and performance. Besides, you are not getting enough zinc in your diet. The Deficiency of zinc can also affect your other senses such as smell. Therefore, you need to product yourself against the zinc deficiency. Zinc is used as citrate in this med because it is easier to absorb in this way.


The Chinese medicine used it for centuries. It’s known as a natural Aphrodisiac. According to studies,  it’s a fungus which improves your libido and sexual performance. Research has found that only two chemicals make that happen. These chemicals are Cordycepic  and Deoxyadenosine acid. Both of them affects the area of Brain responsible for controlling the sexual desire.


This is simply known as Vitamin B3. It improves the blood flow as it relaxes and expands your blood vessels. According to studies, men suffering from erectile dysfunction noticed a lot of development in their erections after taking a dose on daily of niacin for a while. These placebo pills literally made a difference in their lives. Also, taking Niacin on a daily basis helps to fight off all time tired syndrome. Yes, you won’t suffer from fatigue and tiredness, this means you will have more stamina for the bedroom.


What are the Consequences of Taking it

If you are interested in taking Male Extra, then you need to read this section carefully.

With all being said, every ingredient that formulates this product is natural. None of them has any negative side effects. But, while taking these pills, you may experience some of the following things:

Abnormal Sweating

None of these conditions are grim. Yes, if you had the notion of taking the supplement, you must not change your heart now. We researched a bit more and were supposed to find that almost every review related to this product is positive.

In the end, we will just say; you need to take the dosage as it is mentioned on your bottle. You shouldn’t consume the dosage and follow the given instructions with great care. It’s better to take the medication right after your meal. To avoid dehydration, you have to drink a lot of water. In case you are fit and don’t have any medical condition, then you should take these meds without any problem. If you are heart or diabetic patient, you better consult with your physician at the first place.  Speaking of which, it’s high time we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of taking Male Extra.



Male Extra is a natural supplement, which is not made of pharmaceuticals. You can buy it without any prescription. The best part is, it doesn’t cause a side effects. With that, it gives you the following benefits

It’s made from a well-reputed brand
The company provides deep details about its ingredients and clinical tests
Medical experts endorse Male Extra
The website offers some bulk buying options; this makes the product even more affordable
Male Extra provides free gifts with every purchase



This is an effective and safe product, and it holds countless positive reviews. Nevertheless, there are a few cautionary measures to keep track off. Yes, we are mentioning its negative attributes in the following:

It can be only bought with online purchase
It’s a bit expensive as compared to other products<

Final Word

MaleExtraTo tell you the truth, this is the first time we saw a product using Pomegranate as its core ingredient. There are many studies and trials, which prove that Pomegranate is effective to cure your sexual inefficiencies. However, it’s nearly impossible to take it in its natural form every day. Therefore, we need an alternative. The Male Extra proves to be perfect as it offers every benefit of the fruit with the reliability of modern medicine.

Moreover, this product is made with a heavy research formula which goes into the body to provide great benefits for better erections and performance in bed. Yes, this med offers you the best chance to spice up your sex life. Its unique blend of powerful natural ingredients does deliver what it promises you.

With long and hard erection, you will get a boost for your stamina as well. All the evidence surrounding this product suggests that this is a definite winner. To help you make your mind for trying their product out, the company is even giving a 60 money back guaranty.


Do not be Average in the Bedroom. Order Male Extra Now as well as Take Your Sex Life to the higher level.



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