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Treatment For Low Libido In Women

Treatment For Low Libido In WomenLow sex drive is defined like the absence of the need or the desire to have sex. It is common in women of all ages and it can be treated successfully with herbal remedies.

Women with low sex drive should take measures to increase it because otherwise it can ruin their relationship and their happiness as well. Since remedies to this problem are very accessible, there’s no point in doing nothing about it depriving yourself willingly of the pleasure of a normal sexual life.

Herbal Treatment For Low Libido In Women exists and it is usually safe and free of side effects.

Common herbs used for increasing sex drive in women include:

1. Damiana – It is also useful to cure men libido.

2. Black Cohosh – Its effects resemble those of estrogen in the body.

3. Ahswaganda – Also known as Indian Winter Cherry, it is a powerful herb for all sorts of sexual disorders and also for low libido.

4. Fenugreek – It also has similar effects with estrogen and also prevents the problem of vaginal dryness in women.

5. Fennel – Also famous for containing a substance that resembles estrogen.

6. Mucuna Pruriens – Stimulates the release of dopamine, a substance that enhances happiness and sexual pleasure.

7. Siberian Ginseng – It has many properties and it is used in many conditions, one of them being low sex drive.

Interested in using an herbal Treatment For Low Libido In Women should first of all determine what’s causing this in their particular case. It might not be a single cause from those mentioned above, but a combination of more of them.

Libido is the sexual desire and a case of low libido may be present in women more commonly than in men. Low female libido can be caused by various factors which are of physical nature like certain ailments, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause or some medication. There can be emotional factors like stress, depression, trauma or fights which may result in a low sex drive.

The herbal Treatment For Low Libido In Women can be started after one determines the reason for it. It is suggested to get a medical checkup done so as to identify if any underlying ailment or illness is responsible for the lack of desire for sexual intercourse. Other treatments are Estrogen therapy and Testosterone therapy which is to normalize the estrogen and testosterone levels in the body respectively.

Treatment For Low Libido In Women

The libido level varies from individual to individual and, in what concerns the same person, can vary in time, without this being considered a problem. However, when it occurs in young and a healthy woman, without any obvious reason and it also lasts for a longer period of time, measures need to be taken in order for that woman to be able to enjoy a normal and satisfying life.

Fortunately low libido in females can be dealt with using natural treatments. In some women, counseling has also had beneficial results. Others obtained an increase in their libido after using herbal remedies or after doing some changes in their diet.

Vitamins and minerals are very important for having a healthy sexual life, so including as many fruits and vegetables in the diet is always a good thing. Eggs, celery and bananas are recommended, as well as oysters, due to their high content of zinc and avocado because it contains folic acid.

The fatty acids in fish also count for the well being of women. Besides adequate nutrition, one can also go for a natural Treatment For Low Libido In Women based on herbs.

Apart from these, it is important to maintain a healthy intake of foods rich in vitamins and proteins like fresh vegetables and fruits. Exercising regularly will help to keep the body fit and to increase energy levels. This will also boost your self confidence and esteem. Practicing kegel exercise for strengthening the pelvic muscles is helpful to increase sex drive in women.

Communicate with your partner freely and be honest to each other. Try different foreplay techniques which will give the woman more sexual pleasure. Eliminate alcohol, drugs, smoking and high fat foods. Meditate and indulge in relaxing activities.

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